Monday, June 1, 2009


because i looooooove to blog i decided i needed the freedom of a "real" blog. i want to make it my own, with colors and fonts and pictures! and not bound to another website.
not Notes on facebook or the Blog on myspace. although the blog on myspace is pretty good.

i just wanted my blog to be about blogging. not about what everyone else is doing on facebook. i didn't want it lost in the endless list of status updates, picture post, and top 5 quizzes. what a nerd.

so, i welcome you to my world! happy monday!

i may go through some of my older bloggings and add my favorite give you a head start on my readings. i am sure you are dying for it.

in an unrelated note: this air france plane that is missing?? WTF?! i didn't think that missing plane bermuda triangle stuff didn't happen anymore. where is the plane? we don't just LOSE planes. air travel has just be bizzare this year. best example: miracle on the hudson. scarily amazing!

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