Tuesday, October 2, 2012

writing.........to you.

i miss writing.

i love to write and i never do it.

my life is so busy, well, with work, pets, exercise, meals, socializing, sleeping, traveling, social media, and iphones. no wonder i have no time to write.

i just don't take the time to write....like i used to. i was thinking about it the other day. when something silly or ridiculous happened. i wrote it down for all to enjoy. when something needed to be ranted about. i wrote it down. and when my husband made me feel like the most loved lady in all the land, well, i let you know about it.

not anymore.

well, this post, this blog is my vow to write to you all more. because we all know that i have a lot, A LOT to share. and i know your life just can't be the same without my bloggy-blogs ;)

see you soon. i promise. i mean it. you'll see....


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