Tuesday, October 2, 2012


i am a sucker for love.

i love love. i love to see couples in love. walking hand-in-hand, hugging and kissing. i love sweet nothings. i love flowers. i love sharing thoughts and cuddles. i love my husband. but what i love more, is how much he loves me. i love that he wants to keep me safe, and wants to know that i am safe when we're apart. i love that he snuggles me sooo hard every night when we go to bed. i love that he is my biggest fan, cheerleader and supporter. i love that we are 1000 times more ridiculous than anyone i've ever met. i love all of it.

and all of this love, it isn't just about me. i love everyone else's love. i love my parents 30+years of marriage love. i love new love. i love faraway love. i love cute love. i love tragic love. i love silly love. i love serious love. i love it all.

i love love so much because i am so loved. and when i see love slip away from others, it literally breaks my heart. i always wonder "why couldn't they work it out?" i hate to see love fail.

the love i have...i wish on everyone. and when i see that kind of love...it makes my heart smile. when i see this amazing love in others, i know our world still has some good. still has some amazing good. think how amazing this world would be if everyone bread love instead of hate? love your neighbors and your strangers.

love breads acceptance. 

if we were taught to love before hate, can you imagine how differently we'd treat those who are different than us? if our first emotion is love, can you imagine the tolerance and acceptance? instead of breading hate, discrimination and racism? our world would be so much sweeter.

do you have love in your life? live that love. share that love. bread that love.



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