Monday, July 12, 2010

let the vacation 3 days.

hello monday.

at the end of this week guess where we are heading!?!? only one of my favoritest places in the world. a true southerner might be appalled at my assertion.

but we are going to NEW YORK. i really can't get enough of the place. i love all that it has to offer.

it's crowded. yes, this is one of the things that makes it appealing. to me.
it has a great public transportation system. to and from its many boroughs.
it's unique. no other city/state in the world is like it.
you can hear more different spoken languages than you ever thought possible.
the naked cowboy. (if you don't know what this is. google him. now.)
vendors on street corners.
central park.
the brooklyn bridge.
the statue of liberty. a place i've never been and want to go to on this visit.
NY style pizza. anywhere else in the country is merely an attempt at the original.
i have never felt more comfortable walking around in a city, than NYC. even when that crazy lady threatened my life. well, sorta. ok. she really didn't. what really happened is that she came out of NO where in times square and got in my face and said "it's not like i'm gonna murder you." what the fuck? who says something like that? to a complete stranger? and then walks away? huhhhhh?

and those are just a few things i like about NYC. upstate new york is even more awesome. and yes, we'll be going there too. because when people think about new york, they think about NYC. and that's it. what they don't realize is that NY has the whole rest of the state that is pretty amazing too.
(i sound like a walking advertisement for the state of new york. anyone wanna go on a NY vacation? it'll be great and it's sooo cheap!)

anyway, back to the perks of upstate...
it's green. and mountainous.
it's not humid. well, it wasn't last time we were there, it was perfect. however, right now, i know we are in the midst of a heat wave. so who knows what we are going to get this time.
anything you want to do outside, you can do it there. hike. canoe. kayak. golf. swing. swim.
it's all there. (i realize you can do these things pretty much anywhere. but it's different when you are away from home).
there is even this awesome microbrewery up there.
anddd the scenery is to die for.

aside from all of that my favorite family (besides my own) will be there. since the reason we are going to new york is another Sales wedding.... obviously the all of Sales family will be there. so, we get to spend the week with alllllll 567,345 members of the family.
ok, so there aren't really 567, 345 members of the Sales family. but it is a pretty huge family. and it's a pretty awesome family too. plus, it's been almost a year since we've ALL been together. so i am excited to get to spend a week with everyone!

NEW YORK. you've been warned. you are about to be invaded. get ready. because as al says, it's going to be epic.

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