Tuesday, May 11, 2010


life is surprising.
events are unexpected. and unexplainable. some events are joyous. and some events cause us great pain.
some events answer questions. some create even more questions.
we blame ourselves for things that happen. even when things were out of our control. because sometimes this is our only way to deal with the situation at hand.
we lose hope. we cry. we feel lost.
but eventually we will feel anger. anger will take over these feelings of despair.
anger and confusion. a feeling of unfairness.
how could this happen? why would you do this to me? you just left us.
anger ensues because so many questions will never get answered. to everyone still here....we will never know.
how dare you? who do you think you are? didn't you know we'd miss you? didn't you understand life would get better and easier? didn't you know we were here for you, just like we've always been? how the hell could you be so selfish? and such a coward?

life is tough. it's real tough. but through the toughness, it's also great. really great. you can make the hard parts harder. and the great parts greater. it's just a matter of how you look at your life. and how you choose to live it.

you only get this one life. that's it. so make it your best life. love the people in your life. and tell them that everyday. live your life to it's fullest. make every day count.
because you are not guaranteed a tomorrow.

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