Friday, April 9, 2010

our all stars

thursday, april 08, 2010.
the Carolina Hurricanes last home game of the season. and second to last game of the season.
we were there.

the atmosphere was amazing. perhaps the announcement of the 2011 NHL all star game being held in raleigh earlier that day added to the excitement buzz.

the arena was packed. the fans were loud pretty much the entire game. you might have thought this was a playoff game or that the game actually meant something. it meant nothing (since we are out of the playoffs). all it meant was finishing the season strong and winning our last home game.

but you couldn't tell that by all the energy in the RBC center last night. everyone was going crazy all night. eric staal got a hat trick. there were easily 5000 hats on the ice. and i am not even kidding. it was a "free hat" giveaway night at the arena. who wouldn't throw away a free hat?! it was pretty exciting.

we cheered that hat trick as if it was his first one. only it was his 10th. we didn't care.

everyone stood for the final 1:30. for what? to thank the team for an incredible season. sure we didn't make the playoffs. but as hurricanes fans, we are with this team through it all, through thick and thin. so during our beginning of the season slump, we all were there. through all the injuries and roster changes, we were there. and from the midseason on, when we starting playing like a championship club, we were there. and when playoff hopes lingered, we were there.
no matter what, the fans are proud of this team. for all the heart they showed. they never gave up. and standing and cheering them on for 1:30 is the very least we can do.
during that time, you would have thought we just won the stanley cup. our fans are very proud of our team. i don't usually get too wrapped up in the sports teams that i follow, but man, i was happy to be a part of such a special moment last night. and i can't wait for next season!!!

what makes this organization so amazing, is the all around dedication. the players are dedicated. the front office is dedicated. allllll of the support staff is dedicated. and the fans are dedicated. we are so dedicated that we come 3 hours before the puck drops to tailgate. we defined tailgating in the NHL.

and at the risk of sounding cheesy...the hurricanes will always be our all stars.

so, until next season....GO 'CANES!!!

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