Monday, March 29, 2010

let me help you to help me

so, i have noticed some selfish behavior around me lately. and it really bothers me.

if a person wants to be selfish. fine. that i can deal with it. because i don't have to be around selfish people. i have far too many awesome people in my life to worry about a few selfish ones. however, what really gets under my skin is a selfish person trying to act like they aren't. why try to act like you care about others when you really don't give a damn? when your number one concern is YOU. and only YOU. forever and and ever. amen.

don't get me wrong, it's perfectly OK to be selfish every now and again. we all need to be. if we did everything for everyone else all the time, we'd be worn out and eventually miserable. because we never did anything for ourselves. we need to do things for ourselves. yourself is ultimately the most important person in your life.

however, when you become consumed with yourself and everything you can do for yourself. this is a problem. especially when you try to make it seem like you do all of these wonderful things for other people. you don't. let it be known, i'm no fool. you only "help" others to help yourself. i have your selfish ways allllllll figured out. eventually your selfishness will drown you. all you will have left is you. and how lonely that will be. 

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