Wednesday, January 20, 2010

selfish you.

i don't understand people. i am so unbelievably frustrated that i don't even know where to start with my blog.
i don't want to sit here and rant about one person or event that has frustrated me. because usually whatever it is makes me step back and look at the bigger picture.

the bottom line is this: people are selfish. fucking selfish. i wish that everyone would just take FIVE minutes to stop whatever they are doing and THINK about someone else. think about helping out someone else. THINK about how you can better the life of another living creature. then do it. GO help someone out.

if we just took FIVE minutes out of our day, every day, to do something for someone else, we'd be less selfish. our country would be more giving. we'd care about others. we'd know our neighbors. we'd want to be kind. others would matter. our life wouldn't be about "what can i do for me today?" it would be about "what can i do for my community today?"

this world wouldn't last long if just one person lived here. we need each other. i think it's time we start acting like it and appreciating it.

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