Tuesday, October 13, 2009


so this is the pup we rescued yesterday.
she ran out in front of our car. on a four lane road. luckily keith stopped in time to not hit her and she ran back off the street. we immediately pulled off the road to help her. she was lost and sort of scared. and when i say sort of scared, i mean she wanted to come meet us, but wasn't so sure about the meeting "strangers" idea.
needless to say, we did not want to leave her to eventually run off into traffic again.

however, we already have a very full house with a large furry dog and rambunctious two cats. we'd love to keep her. but we can't. but we are very lucky and have amazing family and friends that are already begging to take her home.
we took her to the vet to find out that she does not have a microchip. so we are at a loss as to who and where her owners are. we are very torn about trying to find them. because here is the thing: she is a puppy. based on her being skinny, dirty and covered in fleas, it would appear that she has either been on the run for awhile or her owners did not care much about her. what makes me think she hasn't been out on the street too long is that her nails are long.

all i want for her is a good home. that is why we saved her.

i have told you all of this to explain this: adding a puppy to our household rather abruptly has made our crazy house even crazier. a puppy can be inconvenient. they have to go outside every 5 minutes, they want to eat EVERYTHING, they want to chase EVERYTHING. they generally like to get into trouble. but they are entertaining. and this particular puppy is sooooooooooooooo sweet. and she is surprisingly well-behaved. she listens.

so, we added a new little life to our already hectic and crazy life. and in order to save her life, we had to make some changes to ours. however, we are happy to make the changes so that she can have a good, long puppy life.

sometimes in life we are offered chances to impact the lives of others. however, sometimes we see change to our routine as an inconvenience. or we don't go out of our way to help because "we can't be bothered" or "it would mess up our schedule" or "someone else will do it".
reaching out to help someone else (or a pup) is worth your time. by taking the time to reach out, you are given the chance to make a positive impact on another life. and that is never inconvenient.

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