Monday, August 17, 2009

meet my friend....


she is a tricky lady.

yes my karma is a woman. and i’d like to think that everyone’s is. because she sneaks up on you. like a bitch. (please karma, don’t hate because i just called you a bitch.)

i have always believed in KARMA. i’d like to think that she is my ‘higher’ power or ‘higher’ belief system. if i even have one.

for those who don’t know, simply stated, KARMA is this: what goes around, comes around. so for example, if you are a bitch. life eventually will be a bitch to you. and on the flip side, if you are good spirited, life is good. or because you are good spirited perhaps you have learned to handle life's adversities better than others.

and what is so amazingly great about KARMA is that you never know when she will strike….good or bad. KARMA is not out to get you. she is just out to right your wrongs. or continue your goodwill. she is actually quite amazing. she just seeks balance and positive vibes throughout the world.

i know to some of you this sounds like a bunch of ‘hippity-dippity’ bologna. but riddle me this: take a look at your believe system. whatever it may be. and i assure that the higher power of your system, their goals are similar to my KARMA’S goals. and with your belief system you probably try to live a good life to serve others or your higher power to produce some sort of goodwill. basically, we all want to create the same positive life and balance of good and bad out there.
its just a matter of how we go about it.

and what is awesome about when she works. i have seen her in action. from big to small.
two examples: tonight tom was running his mouth about something. he was basically trying to call us out at the dinner table for something we did or did not do. he was going on and and on about it. and as soon as he was satisfied with his bantering, he decided to get some salad. and as he was pouring the salad dressing, he was so wrapped up in whatever he had been saying, he wasn't paying attention. and half the bottle spilled out onto his itty bitty salad. HA.
i mean, it wasn't a huge karmatic event. but you get the point.

this is an old example, but it is a good one. years ago i applied for and was interviewed for a job i was a shoe in for. i did not get the job. i was heart broken and angered. so, i quit. i was finally fed up and unsatisfied with my quality of work. i wanted to be the one to decide my future. not the bureaucracy i worked for. now, this may seem like a horrible event. however, this extremely negative event opened so many doors to me. the sky is now my limit. it opened my eyes. to the world. i am now back in school. for what i WANT to be doing. i graduate in december and start graduate school in january. and i couldn't be more excited about it. i love my life.

all i have to say is: don’t fuck with your KARMA. she’ll get you. if not today. then when you least expect it.

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