Thursday, August 13, 2009

goooood memories...

FAVS of DR trip: here are some of my memorable moments. i'll add more as i remember them.

use of espanol. that's right kids, i utilized what little spanish i know. and i loved it. all those years i fought having to learn it, during this trip i was thankful to know some. so that i could communicate. instead of responding with "huh?" or "el fucking chairo!". like some people on our trip. *cough, cough, keith.*

getting ready for dinner. which led to drunk flo yelling and singing incoherent phrases from the shower. hilarious everytime.

mamajuana. it is the dominican repulican local drink. it consists of tree bark in the bottle. then adding red wine, rum and honey. i guess you let it ferment for a specific amount of time. then, you drink it! dominicans rave about it being a natural aphrodisiac. i drank plenty and never felt that effect. but this drink was definitely tom's favorite drink. we had it every night at dinner. and as keith said "every night at dinner, dad, you'd fall apart." ie, he was wasted.
for example, one night tom was trying to make a lame joke about his brothers going to a 'brossel'. what he meant was a brothel. either way...hilarious. when the drunk guy sway was included.

sitting outside. every night. it got cool enough every night where it was enjoyable to sit outside and have drinks. and the bugs didn't really bite. this was also nice. you sit outside here and mosquitoes swarm. gross.

pool volleyball. i only played a handful of times. but this daily event was hilarious to play and watch. because this family is the king and queens of talking shit. and poking fun. and instigating. so, the game is comical. and full of drinks. the players never get out of the water. they just continuously ask the spectators for 'more drinks'....of 'whatever' or 'surprise me'. so, this game was definitely not for the tender hearted or those whose feelings might get hurt easily. even though it is always in good fun...sometimes a drunk man's words could be misconstrued.

playing darts in the wind. yeah, they have a dart board set up. outside. on a sandy beach. neat idea. wildly impractical. no one won because no one could get the darts to the board. it was entertaining. however, we only played once.

making new friends. our group is infectious. people love us because we are loud and are always having a good time. so, we are automatically inviting. it was fun to have new people constantly approach us and want to join our craziness. and it was always interesting to see what they had to bring to the table. some spoke too much spanish so we didn't understand anything they said. some drank too much for their own good. some had an awesome british accent. and some just wanted to be a part of a group that they didn't know when to censor themselves. but no matter what, it was fun to meet new people.

and i am done talking about the DR. your turn to go make your own memories.

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