Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a forever kind of love


i don't write about this topic much. not because i don't have it my life. not because i don't find it amazing. not because i don't find it wondrous and breathtaking.

words of love don't come so easily to me.

however, for some reason today, i was thinking about a forever kind of love.
how do you know if your love, is a forever kind of love?

here are just some of the ways i know my love is a forever kind. perhaps they work for you too. its just some amazing stuff i have learned through my journey of love.

the first thing is that i still get excited about keith. and some of you might say "well i sure hope you do!" but think about many people are in relationships that are so routine and regular that there is no excitement.
i still remember our first "date". the word date is in quotes because it really wasn't supposed to be a date, but that is just where the night took us. i remember being so nervous and excited to go out with keith. we were going to a hockey game. if you know keith, this is not at all a surprising date. but for our story, it is forever fitting. of course, i am no longer nervous around keith, but 3 1/2 years later, i still get those same excited feelings. that is a forever kind of love.

on the flip side: there are those hard days. you know what i am talking about. days where it seems you disagree about everything. or you are stressed about money, school, work. whatever. days where life is difficult.
even through those hard days, i wouldn't want to spend my difficult days with anyone else. we always say i love you. no matter what kind of emotions are flying. i think that helps keep us grounded. that is a forever kind of love.

laughter is our greatest medicine. i love to laugh and smile as it is. but with keith, it is a million times more. we laugh about everything. and we laugh about things other people just don't understand. that is a forever kind of love.

we have nothing to hide. well, except #2. i know so much about keith that i feel like i have known him my entire life. and there are times where we exchange stories and its like "i didn't know that about you!" we are always sharing and always learning about each other. i don't think we will ever run out of things to talk about. that is a forever kind of love.

we listen to each other. unless the tv is on. then keith isn't listening to anyone. haha.
good communication is the key to a strong and healthy relationship. that is a forever kind of love.

we can read each other like a book. we know exactly what the other person feels and thinks just by looking at their face. you can say everything without saying anything all. that is a forever kind of love.

we have silly arguments. some people may think we "fight" too much. but actually, because we know each other so well, we aren't afraid to say what we feel about, well anything, to each other. so, some times we can argue over trival things.
but since we have open communication with each other, by voicing these differences, we can do so without it being a BIG FIGHT. and move on.
for example: currently keith is upset about "how" left the living room due to the fact that i didn't want to watch PTI. he claims i slammed down the blanket i was using and just left.
i mean, really? we are arguing over this? first, i could never slam down a blanket. second, i just didn't want to watch repetitive PTI. so, i left the room. end of story.
moral: i'd rather argue over the silly stuff so when it comes time to talk about the big stuff, i know that we can.
if that isn't a forever kind of love, i don't know what is.

there is something comforting about touches. whether it be a huge hug or a kiss. or a light touch of my hand. or if our feet touch under the table. it is comforting and safe. its like it is his way of saying "i am always here." that is a forever kind of love.

we motivate each other.
keith motivated me to get serious about school. and i graduate in december (whoop!) and move onto graduate school in january.
i am motivating him to continue working out. i pushed him to work out some family issues. because i knew he would eventually regret doing nothing. he did all he could to make things right and i am proud of him. that is a forever kind of love.

we sing random songs. and by random i don't mean we bust out into a song of our favorite top 40 hit. no no. we make up our own random songs. my favorite place to do this is in the shower when i think keith isn't listening, but it never fails...he comes up the stairs and is laughing. because he has been listening the whole time. apparently, i am louder than i think.
conclusion: we are silly as hell. and ridiculous beyond belief. and i love every minute of it.
that is a forever kind of love.

we enjoy doing things together.
even after all this time, we still want to spend our free time together. go figure.
we go to hockey games. we go out with friends. we travel, anywhere and everywhere. we play outside (one of my favorite things). we try to explore our city.

we accept each for who we are. i love keith for every ounce of him. for being generous, kind, loving, supportive, hilarious and for leaving-dirty-laundry-everywhere. i love all of him. because i know that i can't change him. plus, why would you want to be with a person that you want to change? if that is the case, maybe you need to find a new person to be with. i'm just saying....
that is a forever kind of love.

our love is as unconditional as it gets. you know how your parents love you unconditionally? even when you get a bad grade or put scratches on you mom's new car? or steal their tequila and throw away the evidence in their trash can? yep. your parents still love you. and still support you. we are the same way. i'd do anything for this man. and he is the same way. a thousand times over. no matter what.

this is a forever kind of love.

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Sakinah said...

I know exactly what you mean about love. I think it's so cool you wrote about love today because I wrote about marriage. I tell people all the time that I think it's so cool that I will be thinking about my husband and I still get those butterflies in my stomach or there are some days where all I want to do is have him hold me. Of course there are going to be times when you need space or you are just getting on each others nerves but if you truly and genuinely love with that person that forever kind of love those times don't matter. People need to seriously take a step outside of themselves and evaluate their relationships and ask themselves...could I really do this for better or for worse, in sickness and in health til death do us part? before they take that step to say I do. It doesn't matter how long you have known someone or how long you have been together if you are willing to throw in the towel as soon as things get tough because every couple goes through those tough's called adjusting to