Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the DR

so, on saturday we leave for the dominican republic. or the DR, as the locals call it.
for a Sales' family reunion.

this is a trip that has been in the making since january. so, we've been anticipating it for 8 months.

and because we are going to the carribean during the height of hurricane season and since the DR is also considered a 3rd world country, or so i am told....this vacation has also been meet with some adversity and weariness.

however, we are going to an ALL inclusive resort. this place has everything you could ever imagine wanting to do on your vacation.

a huge fucking pool. CHECK.
24-hour food and drinks. CHECK.
snorkeling. CHECK.
5 different restaurants to eat at. CHECK.
nightly entertainment. CHECK.
shuffleboard. CHECK.
windsurfing. CHECK.
4 different bars to quench your thirst. CHECK.
water polo. CHECK.
latin dance lessons. CHECK.

i could keep going, but you get the idea.

i only have a few concerns:

first, the sun. i checked the weather forecast the other day and the UV index is 10+, extreme. it is so high that it doesn't even register on the index scale. grrreat. i have sensitive skin. so, that concerns me.

also, "they" say to carry your passport with you where ever you go. um ok? i mean, i can bring it in my bag with me when i go to the pool. but what happens when i decide to go for a swim? who is watching my bag then? i am bringing no other valuables. so no worries. but getting home is kind of important. just a little bit.

and this isn't a concern, as so much of a pain in the ass. i have to pack for our week in the DR. but then we will be in raleigh for two weeks after that. so i have to pack for that too. which is overwhelming. who packs for three weeks, separately? and of course, what i carry on the plane is different than what i can check and of course different than what i bring home in my regular duffle bag.

so anyway, i am super excited. and i think everyone is onboard with our trip now. despite their initial concerns. its going to be awesome. we'll take lots of pictures from our tropical paradise to share when we return.
we all are definitely excited to go on vacation together. because Sales' family vacations are always entertaining and a good time, but this trip will be one of a kind!!

CAN'T WAIT!!! three flippin' more days.....

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Have a great time dude!