Monday, March 14, 2016

Moments in Life

yesterday i posted a seemingly meaningless blog about my workout regimen. today it appears meaningless because i read this beautiful blog about joey + rory. prior to reading this post last night, i had seen their names on my newsfeed several times. it didn't mean too much at the time as i had never heard of this couple. however, i kept seeing post after post about them. last night i finally read rory's blog. the post i read was about his wife's funeral service. she had recently passed away due to cancer.

it is so beautiful. every paragraph. every sentence. every word. it is so thoughtful. it is lyrical. it should be no surprise that his blog is so elegant being that him and his wife were singers and songwriters.

their story is painful to read about, but to read it through his eyes, is magical. to experience their love story through his eyes is earth shattering.

it made me feel ridiculous for writing a lengthy blog about working out.
who fucking cares?

life isn't about your diet or workout plan. it is about the moments we share with others - our family, friends, and loved ones. the wonderful moments. the adventurous moments. the painful moments. the confusion moments. the maddening moments. the silly moments. the scary moments.

life is about moments.

at this very moment, as i sit here and write this post, i am watching my sweet puppy lay in the grass enjoying every bit of warmth and sunshine this day has to offer. she is living in her sweet puppy moment.

keith and i often talk about how we only get this one life. one shot at it. so we might as well make it great. we better enjoy it. our life's memories should be filled with the moments we want not the moments we wish we had.

enjoy today, for there will never be another.


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Jaxon said...

As usual your perspective is wonderful. It is so easy to forget that we only have one today.