Wednesday, July 15, 2015

women, we are not for sale.

so, planned parenthood.

by now i am sure you have seen, or at least heard about the undercover video where a top-level planned parenthood exec talks about "selling aborted fetus organs." i have read several articles about this because at first, i thought it was too disgusting to be true. but as the more i read, i realized, the people doing the undercover work are almost just as bad. so, the center for medical progress sent in two individuals posing as employees from a biotech firm. the story is a twisted in every way. it makes planned parenthood look really fucking bad. however, the story comes from the center of medical progress' point of view. after all, they edited three hours of footage down to nine minutes. there is a lot you can do with three hours of footage to change things around. i am not saying planned parenthood is in the clear. i just don't really know what the truth is. but most of this isn't the entire point...

no matter if planned parenthood has done anything truly horrific and illegal, what I can't seem to get out of my head, is how detrimental this is going to be for women's rights.

people will forget that the antiabortion group that released the video, holds all editing rights. they allowed us to initially see what they wanted.
they will forget about the organizations that do the right thing and take care of women in their darkest and hardest hours.
they will forget about women who need assistance with difficult decisions because of truly difficult circumstances.

women have rights and deserve those rights. our bodies and babies are not for sale. we should not be treated like whores that go to the highest bidder.

our livelihood should not be determined by a rich, old white man who holds office.
he has no fucking clue what a woman goes through. he has no idea what decisions we face when it comes to child bearing [or not]. when it comes to making that painful decision to abort a child. does he get that? killing the life inside you. does he understand how fucking life changing that is?
does he know why we might have to make those choices? illness. RAPE. drug abuse. age.
absolutely not. he could never understand. EVER.

conversely, our rights should not be determined based on someones' religious preferences [sounds familiar, doesn't it?]. because guess what? not everyone subscribes to the same faith. and that is one great thing about this nation, we all don't have to believe in the same god. oh, i am getting off on a tangent. but it's important. because religion seems to negatively impact all civil rights in this country.

our bodies, choices, and pregnancies are deeply personal. each woman deserves the right to proper medical care during each stage of her life and anything that might entail. our access to birth control and abortions should not be denied. each women requires different care for different reasons. the only reasons medical practices should change is safety and medical advances.

it has been challenging for me to get this written down as i feel like i am seeing red because i am so angry. i am truly afraid of the backlash this video is going to cause.

women, we are not for sale. our bodies must be protected.


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