Friday, May 15, 2015


this journey started, not four years ago today, but rather almost ten years ago. it started as simply having a shared office space with summer colleagues. these colleagues blossomed into friends. one friend in particular was always a bit special. he always made my heart flutter and my stomach dance. even when i wasn't always in tune to it. i tend to wear my emotions on my face, and whether i liked it or not, it was very apparent to him how i felt.

the summer came and went with nothing more than butterflies and weak knees. several months went by that lead to many random interactions with this sweet soul. it wasn't until december that we actually were able to spend time together.

our journey together began at a hockey game. this memory can only be described as one of the sweetest memories i'll ever have. i was so consumed by this person, that i was seemingly unaware of the things around me. i took in everything about him. his beautiful hair. his gorgeous smile. how tall and muscular he was. his warmth. he made me laugh and i felt comfortable around him instantly.

for it was this night i knew.

i knew i had met the man that i was going to marry.

four years ago today, i married that man. our special day was so thoughtful, intimate, relaxed, simple, and so much freaking fun! there is not much [if anything] i would change about our wedding day. i loved doing the "first look" before the ceremony to spend a quiet few moments with my life-long sweetie. i loved the ceremony on the beach [including the dog!]. i loved the "secret" moments with our bridal party. i loved the all night dancing and photobooth. and i especially loved ending the night by jumping in the pool!!!

i really could go on all day about why this day was so awesome. keith and i committed our lives to each other in front of the people we love most in the world and then celebrated that with a kick-ass party. what's not to love about that? our wedding day [and week] will always be so special and memorable to us. simply reminiscing about it makes me smile.

it makes my heart flutter. it makes my stomach dance.

all those feelings that started ten years ago, they are still a part of the magic today. those feelings of love, happiness, joy and excitement are why our special day is so magical. they are why our journey together is so damn awesome.

and now, some wedding pictures. there are a bunch of kissing pictures. [sorry. not sorry.]

doesn't this dog look a bit like our newest family member? so wild.

happy anniversary, keith. i love you more than you'll ever know. thank you for sharing this life with me. i love who we are individually, but i love who are together even more. i love every bit of wild and crazy adventure. i wouldn't have any other way.

all my love,

and today is just a little bit more magical than a regular old, smelly anniversary. it is 5.15.15. and if you remember, we got married at 5:15pm. so, today, our day is just little extra special because it is all 5's and 15's. so, let's toast to 5.15.15 at 5:15pm. because this will never happen again in our lifetime. pretty amazing stuff, huh?


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