Thursday, April 24, 2014

DC WEEKEND: rough start, sort of.

over the easter holiday keith and i went up to DC to meet my aunt, uncle, and cousin for a vacation. this trip had been 6 months in the making. we had been planning it since our last vacation together in september. we all were SOOOO excited and glad that we stuck to our words of "let's meet up somewhere..." and "we should plan a trip together...". we did it!

here is how our travel day [friday] started. 

keith and i travel. A LOT. we go to new places. A LOT. and without fail every time we are arriving to a new place there is a major meltdown of: "oh shit! we are in a new place! now what?!!?!? are we going to be lost forever?!"
ok, crisis over.
and i am not sure why it happens because we have maps and more information than necessary, but it always happens.

the meltdown comes from both of us and typically happens over directions in some fashion. for this trip we had decided to park our car at the ronald reagan national airport [DCA] and take the metro in versus attempting to drive and park in the city. great decision. it was more pricey to park at DCA than at the metro commuter lots, but it was also much closer to the city. and for us, that was worth the cost.
so, back to the freak out. we have made it all the way to arlington, va and are off the highway en route to DCA. i am giving keith directions via my printed google step-by-step list that could never misguide us. i am staying one step ahead. "turn left on blah blah street" "then turn right on who cares blvd". things are going great until...i tell him to turn right onto "airport access road", which there is no sign for. he immediately goes to panic mode "well, is it this road?!" i reply equally as panicked,"no, i don't's the road over there!" as i point to a road up ahead. and of course he can't see where i am pointing because well, he is looking at the road. then and the conversation continues like this:
the car slows down because there is a street on our right...
keith: IS IT THIS ROAD?!?
kendra: I THINK IT'S THE ROAD OVER THERE [points ahead]! OVER THERE! [there is an on-ramp up ahead that seems to be labeled close to where we need to be headed. it says something about an airport].
keith: SHOULD I GO HERE!? [the road that is still on our right]
kendra: I DON'T KNOW!!! sure.

now we quickly realize that this is absolutely wrong. due to our panic mode and yelling neither of us want to be helpful, but we are forced to. we can't stay lost forever...can we?
i get out the iphone and access the google maps app. it's taking forever [of course it is]. *rerouting. rerouting*
we find the road we need to take to get into the airport. realizing that is was right there [*points ahead*]. but of course once we enter an airport, it is as if the flood gates just opened. all the cars are moving at 100mph and they know where the fuck they are going so, GET OUT OF THE WAY.

another panic attack sets in. do we park in lot A daily or lot A hourly? I DON'T KNOW. what about lot C? I FORGOT EVERYTHING I RESEARCHED FOR THIS TRIP. AHHH. should we park here? sure.
thankfully it was the correct lot.

we could breath now.

onto vacation... [detailed blog upcoming. get excited and be on the lookout!]


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