Friday, January 24, 2014

letter to a person on their first day here


kid president put out a new video yesterday. [what? you haven't heard of kid president!? check out his facebook page and youtube page and then come back.] the premise is that this 9 year old [maybe he is 10 now] and his brother-in-law film these funny and silly, yet extremely inspirational videos. i believe they made a video explaining who they are, how they got started, and why they do it.

anyway...yesterday's video is called a letter to a person on their first day here. basically it is an inspirational and instructional life manual for a newborn. kid president explains many things a person will see here, the people they will meet, and things they should do. here are the pieces i took away from it.
  • lots of things that will happen here [singing, dancing, laughing, gross things, awesome things]. 
  • there are plenty of reasons to dance, you just have to find them. 
  • you will meet lots of people. some are nice and some are not. just because some people are not nice, doesn't mean they can't be. 
  • we should give people high-5's just for getting out of bed.
  • treat everybody like it's their birthday, even if they don't deserve it.
  • the biggest mess-up is not forgiving each other's mess-ups.
  • amazing things are going to happen every day.
  • you are awesome. you were made that way.
  • you were made from love, to be loved and to spread love.
  • love is louder. let your life be loud.
  • corn dogs rule.
  • "we're really glad you're here." we don't say that enough to each other.
  • you are going to be important and do a lot, but don't get too busy.
  • you're awake. you're awesome. live like it.
at the end of the video kid president posed this question: what do you think the kids need to know?

that is a very difficult question to answer, especially after watching his video because he seemed to provide all the answers. it mentions the good stuff and some not so good stuff. there are many things kids need to know coming into this world about this world, but here are a few of my thoughts on what i think #thekidsneedtoknow.

1. ask lots of questions. this world is a huge place with so much to offer you. if you don't ask questions and inquire about the world you live in, you will never learn about it and never gain the opportunity to explore it. learn as much as you can.

2. people will support you. this world is filled with amazing people who already love you [mom, dad, brother, sister, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousin, future friends]. value these relationships and allow them to offer you advice about this world. after all, they have been living in it a lot longer than you have.

3. be respectful. respect your environment, your community, your family and friends, your teachers, your school...basically everything in your life. show it respect. if you respect the things around you, it will honor you the same respect.

4. be ambitious. have big goals and big dreams. reach for the stars. never stop dreaming. dreaming allows to you be creative and provides motivation.

5. remember that disappointments happen. this big world is also a cruel world. bad things happen. remember that through all the bad and negative things, awesome things happen. life isn't always sunny. and even in the darkest of days, you can find sunshine. the gloomy days are valuable too. they teach you how to be strong and how to deal with adverse situations.

6. keep your cup half full. have a positive attitude and outlook on life. no matter what happens, find the good in any situation. life can get tough, but if you are always looking up and always trying to reach your goals - it can be difficult to slow down a positive and motivated person! and being happy makes this life worth the ride.

as kid president said, being a person is tough sometimes. we don't have all the answers, but we try our best. every day is a miracle. enjoy it. embrace it. love it.

i am really glad you are here :)


what are you words of wisdom to the kids? what do you think #thekidsneedtoknow?

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