Tuesday, October 8, 2013

30 day | real time challenge

i share as much as i can [without being too lengthy and boring] about my workouts in an effort to hold myself accountable and to hopefully provide motivation to others.
one of the workout plans i follow, dailyhiit, has a sister site, bodyrock.tv. through bodyrock.tv, they are providing an 30 day challenge. this challenge is offered on their website for FREE. each day they will post the workout video, in what they call "real time". which means it is the video in its entirety. typically, if an exercise program or video is offered online it is either only part of the workout or you must pay for what you want to access. so, what they are offering to their workout community is HUGE!

so, if you are looking for a new workout routine or if you need motivation, i encourage to try the 30 day | real time challenge. it requires almost no planning on your part. i would recommend looking at the website/blog post prior to your workout to see what equipment you may need [typical weight lifting equipment].

the challenge started yesterday, but is designed for you to go at your own pace. so do not fret if you are getting a late start [i did]! plus, they have put a TON of information on their websites and facebook pages in order to prepare you for the challenge.

i just did day 1 today. it was 40 minutes long. it didn't feel like 40 minutes, but it was tough.

lisa [who is the trainer] also in encourages you to take measurements before and after the challenge. not weigh-ins. you know why? because muscle weighs more than fat. and she is going to build you some awesome muscle! so you just may gain a little weight! also because she says how you feel in your clothes is true motivation, not what the scale says.

so, here are my before measurements, all in inches [eeepp]

weight: 127lbs [luckily i went to the doctor yesterday, otherwise i'd have no idea].
bust: 34
chest: 29.5
waist: 28
hips: 35.5
right thigh: 21
left thigh: 21.5
left arm: 11.5
right arm: 11.5

as lisa also suggests, i will tuck this away [in the world of the internet for all to see] for the next 30 days. i will not look at it again for the next 30 days until i share with you my measurements after the challenge.

here are some links to get you started:
i hope you guys decide to join me on this challenge. it is going to be fun!! and soooooooo worth it!!


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Heather Webster said...

Hey Kendra! How did you do??? I came across this this morning and am about ready to start the 3rd challenge. I am great with the workouts but can't seem to stop falling off the wagon with food! Nice to see someone out there dedicated to getting healthy with Lisa. My friends aren't really into these workouts..

Hope all is well!
Heather in RI