Friday, January 4, 2013

resolution review

last year i gave you guys a short, yet detailed, list of resolutions i wanted to make and keep throughout 2012. before even thinking about what to do with 2013, let's see how 2012 faired...shall we?

1. "get right".  basically we wanted to eat better, sleep better and move better. we wanted to be healthy. i believe my goal was to go the gym 5 days a week. and eating better was a MUST. the long short of it...we are much "righter" now than we were at the start of 2012. however, i am not as right as i'd like to be. what helped us get right was insanity and papa spuds. both which are still a part of our lives. insanity got us moving, really whether we wanted to or not; and papa spuds has us eating better.
i blogged about the start of insanity for us. well it's an insane workout....yet worth every minute. i am actually going to start the damn series over again starting on monday. i must be insane.
papa spuds is community supported agriculture (CSA) or as they call it, an online farmer's market. we have it delivered once a week and up until last month we had the largest box they offered delivered to us. we figured we order as much as we could from them that we need for the week. and they have far more than just fruits and veggies. they have meats, pastas, breads, coffee....we love it! we only downsized due to winter and the produce selection being much smaller. i am certain that once the summer fruits are in full swing again, our box will be too!
so, at the end of the day, i am very happy with the success of this resolution. it was a huge resolution. it was either going to succeed big or fail big. i am glad we succeeded big. and are only looking for more ways to keep getting "righter".

2. learn to roller blade and skateboard. ummmm.....i must have totally forgot that i wanted to do either of these things. i have not once touched my roller blades or my skateboard. well, that's not true. i picked them up to move them when we moved to our new place in june. so, that's something......right? ok, ok. resolution FAIL.

3. continue traveling. we traveled the HELL out of 2012. resolution totally SMASHED. let's see, just where did we go?
to start, our hockeymoon, which included: toronto, montreal, NYC and philadelphia.
asheville, nc for our first anniversary!
litchfield beach, sc for our annual family vacay
charlotte, for many occasions, like checkers games, coldplay concert and to watch the cowboys beat up on the panthers. and it was odd to be in charlotte that much because before this year i couldn't tell you the last time i'd been to charlotte.
greensboro a few times (big shocker). why? why not is a better question.
PA for my cousin Sean's wedding!
and last, but certainly not least...OBX - would there be any doubt?

4. keep in touch with my friends and family better. i would like to say that i have made progress on this. man, life is busy. not that that should be an excuse. but it sure as hell does get in the way of things i want to do. however, i do try my very hardest to keep in better touch with ALL the amazing and wonderful people in my life. i am lucky to have them!

5. never lose sight of my dreams. this may seem like a lofty resolution. i mean, lots of people just give up chocolate bars as a resolution and call it a day. however, if you aren't challenging yourself, then how are you growing as a person? i have big dreams. i always have. i never want to lose sight of them. no matter how busy and crazy life becomes.
i didn't edit any of the last resolution. it's exactly what i wrote down a year ago. it's still just as important to me as it was then. however, it is amazing how dreams change. even in just one year. that is why you always have to keep your dreams on your mind and your eyes on your goals. and then GO AFTER THEM. i know i am. oh, and i am so ok with my dreams changing. and you should too. after all, wouldn't it be weird to have the same dream every night?

so. how'd i do? well, with the exception of that silly roller blade resolution, i'd say i did really well. i am proud of me! i am glad i reviewed this because it motivates me for this year. whether i keep on track with this 5 resolutions, add to them or start fresh; i know i have the motivation, will power and strength to follow through on my goals!

cheers! happy new year!


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