Thursday, July 26, 2012


dearest blog,

i am so sorry i have run astray the past few months. my life has been crazy, as usual. i will try my hardest to stay in touch with you better in the future. however, let me update you, as quickly as i can, as to what i've been up to!

keith and i started and completed insanity. and we are still doing it. we really enjoy it. we've lost weight and gotten into really great shape. we have now added running to our workout regime. we are looking into a half-marathon to do in the fall/early winter. and are looking at adding some classes from our gym to go two a few times a week. insanity really helped us find motivation to get in shape and to be healthy. two things we had a hard time sticking with in the past. so we are thankful for insanity and excited to continue to stick with it and add to it.

we moved!
in june we moved to a new place. it was just a cross-town move. to an apartment. however, we are not sure about buying a home yet. we are not ready for all of those homeowner expenses (ie, maintenance, updates, unexpected expenses). we enjoy all the perks of renting: included maintenance, a fitness center, two pools, a dog park, etc. we love our neighborhood. it's walkable, which the dogs love. and we are close to work, shops, and restaurants. there is so much at our disposal that we weren't even aware of when we moved. hopefully we will be able to call this place home for awhile!

i got a new job!
i have been looking for a full-time job for about 6-7 months. i really enjoyed my job with raleigh parks and rec. however, it was almost a dead-end position. it was really impossible to move up and achieve full-time status. so, i started looking elsewhere. i am passionate about many things and one of those things is working with children. so, i was fortunate enough to find a job at a preschool. it is an amazing school and i was offered a great position. it is a split position of half teaching and half administration. so it will allow me the opportunity to get my feet wet in both positions and determine which i like better to perhaps pursue one or the other (teaching v. administration). Now, I have only worked one week, but it's been a lot of fun so far. the staff is a lot of fun and very sweet. so i am excited to continue to meet and get to know everyone.

those are the three big things in our life right now. it's been fun and exciting. we stay busy with family and friends, as usual. and are already busy planning our fall with hockey, football and vacations. i love our life!

see you soon bloggy.


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