Monday, December 13, 2010

the adventures of K2...

keith and i have been on quite the adventure the past few days. that is what we are going to call the things that happen to us, adventures. not annoyances or problems. just adventures because we swear only this kind of stuff happens to us.
i'll try to keep it short and sweet. but all of this adventure didn't help with preparation for finals.

so there i was, sitting on the floor, watching one tree hill and attempting to complete my last in-class assignment when what did i feel on my hand? moisture. immediately i thought "this can't be." so i started touching the carpet all around me and sure enough it was wet. so then of course, i assumed one of our many pets peed in the house. however, it didn't smell and the area was too wide spread. then we realize just how wet the carpet was! we could have gone swimming in our living room if we had wanted to. it was awful. we called emergency maintenance and they came over immediately. the problem: they couldn't figure out where the leak was coming from. we live in a townhouse and where the wet carpet was, was on our shared wall with our next door neighbor. soooo, the leak could have easily been from their place too. however, after spending much time examining both apartments, no dice. all they could do at this point was have a carpet drying service come out, dry the carpet and put fans on the carpet throughout the night.
the next day our lazy-ass regular maintenance man comes by, but not until keith calls the main office, he finds the leak. claims he fixed it. however, this guy fixes things just to fix them. he doesn't take the time to fix them well. so, i told keith don't be surprised if we have the same problem again.
well, wouldn't you know TWO days later....the carpet is wet, again. i told you. we noticed the wet carpet after hours, again. so the emergency maintenance guy had to come back out. luckily he was the one who had to fix the leak, which was coming from the neighbors house. but ever since then, we've had no problems.

because of all of our maintenance issues, one day i had to call out from work because they had to come by to work on something at the house and keith had classes and wouldn't be home. i won't go into details, but my boss was not very accepting of the change in schedules. she is typically understanding of rearranging schedules. and amongst other things, she was rude to me for no reason. she lacked the professionalism that she has always carried herself with. i was stunned. and pissed. i don't understand why people think it's ok to treat others that way. i wasn't rude to her. what gives her the right to be a jerk to me?

moving on...the next week, after my night class, we get home to our puppy, orso demolishing what felt like everything in our house. ok, it wasn't even close to everything, but it was a bunch of stuff, new eye shadow included, which was just annoying. what a nice way to be greeted when you get home. a freaking mess. that wasn't there when you left. needless to say, he has been crated when we left ever since.

so, i guess eye shadow doesn't sit well with dogs, because the next morning, orso created a different kind of mess allllllllll over the living room for us. let's just say it went in one way and came out another. it was disgusting. i have never been so grossed out. and i have worked with kids for many years. so i have seen and cleaned up every gross thing imaginable. or at least i thought....

we wanted to get a christmas tree this year. however, we are nervous to get one because we have two very curious kitties. lights and glitter are two things that are very attractive to them, it's like moths to a flame. so, we opted not to. but then we won the outdoor decorating contest and part of our prizes were ornaments. so then i really wanted to decorate! but now we are getting closer to when we are leaving for the holidays, and who wants to pay for and decorate a tree that we'll only get to enjoy for 2 weeks?
so what did i do? i strung some lights on our dvd rack and hung our new ornaments. and called it our "ghetto christmas tree".

and how long did this "tree" last before the cats got a hold of it? a few hours. bastards. this happened the same night our sweet puppy destroyed everything. so we came home to his mess and dvd's everywhere. it was awesome.
i said i'd restring it once and if they knocked it over again, i was done with the ghetto christmas. luckily, for them, they haven't touched it again.

and lastly, i was settling in to proofread my literature review after cleaning up my pets' messes. and i notice that my cats are going bizerk. at first i thought they were just playing and chasing each other. and then i kept seeing this movement behind our tv stand. however, the shelves are reflective, so i thought it was just reflecting the cats playing. but i kept seeing something moving back there, and it wasn't the cats. i felt like i was going crazy! because i didn't see anything back there until....i saw this little bitty small critter run along the wall past the tv stand. it was a fucking mouse! i started screaming at keith to get in the living room to get it! i was totally freaked out.
we demolished our house trying to get that asshole. he was small and quick. the couch ended up on his side. all the closets in the kitchen were emptied. the fridge was moved away from the wall. he eventually was sucked up by our vacuum. that should teach any mouse not to come into our house. eeewwww yuck. i was totally grossed out. again.

after a crazy and adventurous week, luckily things have calmed down around the K2 household. i guess excitement only comes in spurts and when you are super stressed out and really do not have the time to be chasing a mouse around the house...

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