Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

what am i thankful for?

i will tell you ten things. and only ten. because otherwise we’d be here all night. (oh, fyi, these are in no particular order).

1. my health. everyday i want to complain about not feeling well, but everyday i know it could be sooooooooo much worse.
    2. sleep. i live and die by sleep. seriously. in so many ways a goodnight’s sleep effects my morning and the next day. sleep deprivation is my worst enemy, health wise. so, i am thankful that i am able to sleep. and sleep well. i could sleep through a hurricane if i had to.

    3. coffee. keith and i make fun of that mcdonald's commercial where the guy is rude to everyone and cuts off random nice strangers by saying “don’t talk to me until i’ve had my coffee.” but some days i really feel that way. a cup of coffee every morning is my saving grace.

    4. laughter and random funnies. i will laugh at anything. i am thankful for such a juvenile sense of humor. it makes my life more interesting and more fun.

    5. going offline. in this world of too much technology and people glued to their iPods, computers and smartphones, i am thankful that i can turn everything off. i enjoy leaving my phone, email and computer alone for a few days. do it. you’d be surprised how much more you enjoy the company you keep.

    6. christmas tree cakes. it’s the holiday season, thus christmas tree cakes have hit the stores. i am not sure why or when my mother started giving these sweet little treats to me and my brother. but as adults, we both still LOVE them. and as children, we used to fight over the last tree (the box comes with 5 trees). there are 2 of you can see how an odd number presents a problem. now keith and i get christmas tree cakes. and you know what? we fight over the last tree. two avoid this problem, we just get two boxes!

    7. my education. sure, i have been a student pretty much my entire life. but you know what? i love it. pursuing a higher degree has opened my eyes to other job possibilities...things i never, ever, EVER would have considered otherwise. i am thankful for higher learning. (i know, i am such a nerd).

    8. my fiance. i could tell you a million reasons why i am thankful for him. i just am. my life would not be the same without him. he truly is my better half. and i am thankful for him….every single day.

    9. hurricanes hockey. i think i love hockey more than i realize. i am going to my first game of the season this friday and i am totally pumped! thank you hurricanes.

    10. love. i am thankful for all of the love in my life. my fiance. my family. my friends. everyday i am reminded why i have these people in my life. it is because they are amazing. i am thankful for them and for all of their love.

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