Tuesday, November 3, 2009

naked phone

a great reason why you shouldn't send a naughty picture to someone you may or may not trust:

so i am on the bus listening to two loud guys talking. i am catching only pieces of their convo because really, it wasn't that interesting. UNTIL! this transpired:

guy#1: so, i was chatting with this girl back home...
guy#2: yeah!
guy#1: and while we're talking she sends me this picture.
guy#2: ohhhh man! this better be good! or you probably wouldn't be showing me...

silence. i hear nothing. for at least 30 seconds to a minute. guy#1 is probably looking for the picture in his phone then showing it to guy#2.

guy#2: whoa! and she just sent you that?! i can't believe it....
guy#1: yeah...she just sent it to me. i didn't have to ask or anything.
guy#2: wow, that is amazing.

now, we can only imagine what that was a picture of. but my guess is those two guys don't get to see what that was a picture of very often. heehee.

so, be careful with your naughtiness. or you just might be punished. and not in the way you probably had hoped!!

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